Consult with Dr. Angelique Fugate, Dr. Anthony Luzzi, and Dr. Krupa Patel of the Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists if you wish to try KeryFlex in Mechanicsburg, PA.

What Is KeryFlex?

More and more doctors are relying on KeryFlex, but you may still be unaware of what it does. If so, we can provide the answers you need.

KeryFlex is a composite resin specially formulated to serve as a substitute for a damaged toenail. When it’s first applied to the space your toenail used to occupy, it will look almost like some kind of putty. After the composite resin is exposed to a specific frequency of ultraviolet light, it will turn into a material that closely resembles a real toenail, and a healthy one at that. Applying multiple coats of KeryFlex may be required to create a better-looking toenail substitute.

Your doctor may recommend using KeryFlex for two main reasons.

First off, they may suggest using KeryFlex because it effectively conceals damage to your toenails. No one but you or your doctor would know that one of your toenails isn’t completely natural.

On top of that, KeryFlex also gives your toenail time to heal. It will provide room for your natural toenail to grow while it continuously hides any signs of damage.

Work closely with Dr. Fugate, Dr. Luzzi, and Dr. Patel of the Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists and ask them if you can receive KeryFlex treatment in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Why KeryFlex Is an Effective Substitute for a Natural Toenail

Temporarily replacing your damaged toenail with a KeryFlex nail may seem strange at first, but it truly does excel in that role.

A big part of the reason why KeryFlex works so well as a substitute is that it forms a tight seal over your damaged toenail. With KeryFlex covering your toe, water and other substances won’t be able to promote fungal growth on your feet.

The flexibility of KeryFlex is also one of its main selling points. You can move your feet in different directions without worrying about the artificial nail breaking. It will stay intact because it can conform to a person’s natural movements.

KeryFlex is also a terrific substitute because you can dress it up just like you would a natural toenail. You can color your KeryFlex nail using nail polish immediately after it cures. The nail polish will look just as good on your KeryFlex nail as it will on your other toenails.  

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