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When caring for infants and children, taking care of their feet probably doesn’t jump to mind for a top priority. However, there are several ailments that can affect a youngster’s feet and proper steps should be taken to ensure good foot health.

As early as infancy, take proper measures to ensure good foot health for your baby. 

From yearly visits to sudden issues and injuries, Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists in Mechanicsburg, PA, is the children's podiatrist to have on your team.

Guide to Visiting a Children’s Podiatrist

If you’re like many parents, you might be thinking, Podiatrist? Why do I need to take my child to a podiatrist? To be honest, most people don’t think about visiting a podiatrist as an adult until something is wrong. As important as the field of podiatry is, it’s just not one that is at the top of most people’s minds.

And with so many other to-dos and appointments to keep – especially when it comes to kids – who wants to add another one? Is it really necessary to visit a pediatric podiatrist? The team at Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists in Mechanicsburg, PA, answers this question and more below.

Importance of Visiting a Pediatric Podiatrist

Like visiting the pediatrician and pediatric dentist, your child should see a podiatrist regularly – at least once per year. This helps them start off and stay on solid footing – quite literally.

The podiatrist will take a look at their feet and ankles, ensuring everything is as it should be. If there are any concerns, these yearly appointments provide the opportunity to address them early and ensure your little one doesn’t suffer from a preventable or treatable issue for the rest of their lives.

What Does a Pediatric Podiatrist Treat?

While a pediatrician can keep an eye out for issues, a podiatrist has specialized training to detect, diagnose, and treat various conditions and symptoms. These include but are not limited to:

- Foot and heel pain
- Foot fatigue
- Balance and coordination issues
- Gait issues, such as walking with toes pointed in or out
- Ankle issues, such as sprains or instability
- Deformities
- Injuries and related symptoms, such as swelling, tenderness, and pain
- Flat feet
- Bony growths
- Toenail issues, such as toenail fungus or ingrown toenails
- Warts
- Limping
- Numbness and tingling
- Fractures

Again, these are just some of the issues a podiatrist can help with. In addition to the yearly visits, make an appointment if you notice any of these signs, if your child complains of pain or other symptoms, or if they stop wanting to participate in activities they once loved due to issues with their feet. For example, if pain keeps them off their beloved baseball field or balance issues make dance lessons less enjoyable, it’s time for another appointment.

Let our team of experts at Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists in Mechanicsburg, PA, help keep your child’s feet strong and healthy. Make a children's podiatrist appointment by calling (717) 761-3161.

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