MLS Laser Therapy

Try MLS laser therapy in Mechanicsburg, PA courtesy of Dr. John Gilfert, Dr. Susan Rosso, Dr. Angelique Fugate, Dr. Anthony Luzzi, and Dr. Krupa Patel of the Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists.

What Is MLS Laser Therapy?

Medical technology has come a long way and we are still seeing exciting innovations arrive regularly. MLS (multiwave locked system) laser therapy is one relatively new type of treatment that warrants more attention from those dealing with injuries and chronic pain.

Doctors rely on a robotic laser to perform the aforementioned treatment. Lasers of varying wavelengths are used to treat the body.

The first laser is applied continuously and it is set at 808 nanometers. This laser significantly reduces inflammation. If you recently sustained an injury, this laser will help treat that.

Meanwhile, the second laser directed toward your body is set at 905 nanometers. It is a pulsing laser that is also meant to offer pain relief, but it goes about doing so in a different way.

Instead of targeting the inflamed tissue, the second laser targets the nerves. Once the laser reaches the nerves, you will experience immediate pain relief.

You don’t have to pick and choose between the two lasers. Both of them are supposed to be used during your therapy session.

Experience the benefits of MLS laser therapy in Mechanicsburg, PA by working with Dr. Gilfert, Dr. Rosso, Dr. Fugate, Dr. Luzzi, and Dr. Patel of the Cumberland Valley Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Why Should You Choose MLS Laser Therapy?

Undergoing multiwave locked system laser therapy is not the only way to treat your injuries. So, why should you select it over the other options?

A compelling case for using MLS laser therapy can be based on its efficacy.

The healing effects of the individual lasers are amplified when they are used simultaneously. Amplifying their effects speeds up your recovery. That’s a crucial benefit if your current injury is hampering your ability to work.

This type of therapy is also lauded for delivering consistent results. Doctors have an easier time getting the desired results because they have complete control over the lasers. If you enjoyed the effects of MLS laser therapy during your first session, you can expect to have the same experience during subsequent visits.

People who want to avoid invasive treatment should also consider this form of therapy. On top of that, treatment sessions involving MLS lasers are completed quickly. You can be in and out of your doctor’s office in around 10 minutes.

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