Laser Therapy for Fungal Toe

We have been using the Cutera Genesis Plus model for laser treatment of nail fungus for 10 years with very good results. Treatment  consists of 3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. Some people may need further treatment depending on the severity of the infection. You do not need any anesthesia for this procedure and it is tolerated very well. There is a heat sensation to the nails during treatment that subsides quickly post treatment. Our laser therapy provides a great alternative to oral medications that can be harsh on your liver and interact with other medications. Call us for an appointment to discuss your options! 717-761-3161

Pricing for Cutera laser for fungal treatment:

$299- 1-2 nails

$599- 3-5 nails

$899-  6-10 nails

It is also recommended to purchase topical Formula-7 for use on all nails between visits to help prevent re-infection. 


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